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Attendance & Participation Policy


Policy on Attendance & Participation


The whole school community and parents.

Links to Mission/Vision/Aims:

Lady’s Secondary School is a co-educational voluntary Catholic Secondary School  under the trusteeship of CEIST.  Our Aim is to promote the development of the total person, by creating a climate where the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and cultural development of all its students is a priority.


This is necessary to because it supports effective teaching and learning.


To ensure that a high quality of teaching and learning takes place and that parents and students become aware at the earliest possible time of difficulties in relation to attendance and participation.


Class teacher calls rolls at 9:15 am.  This is sent to the office.  The ‘early morning call’ is then distributed to all teachers.  Late students sign the Late Book and have their Journal signed by the Principal or Deputy Principal.  This is shown to the class teacher when the ‘late’ student arrives in class.

Official registration is at 11:05 am and is taken by the Class Tutor.  Students requesting to leave school early for appointments etc. present their note to the Tutor, which is recorded on the Absentee sheet, which is, then sent to the office.

 Students ‘Sign In’ and ‘Sign Out’ as appropriate
 Principal & Deputy Principal sign releasing note
 Updated ‘Absentee Sheet’ is left in the Staff room for staff collection after 11:15 am
 Class Teacher calls Roll at the beginning of each class.  Students missing from class, but in school, are reported to Principals Office immediately.
 Late students are recorded on computer from late book.
 The Number of absences is recorded on school report twice a year.
 Serious absenteeism is reported to the Home/School Liaison Officer

 Continuous non-participation of students must be observed and reasons sought for same.
 Teachers seek explanations from:
(a) Students
(b) Tutors/Year Head
(c) Home/School Liaison Officer
(d) Special Needs Teacher
(e) Principal/Deputy Principal
 Parents are informed of non-participation via the School Journal, School Reports and Parent-Teacher Meetings.

Roles & Responsibility:

Teachers, Tutors, Year Heads, Parents, Students, Home/School Liaison Officer, Principal, Deputy Principal, the Board of Management and the School Attendance Officer are responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating the policy.

Success Criteria of Attendance & Participation Policy:

 It provides clearly defined instruction and directions for all involved.
 It provides an effective record of attendance keeping and participation.
 Relevant staff should have access to attendance and participation records where appropriate.
 Parents/guardians/students (where appropriate) are informed of the attendance and participation system.

Monitoring Implementation:

This policy will be monitored on an ongoing basis.  
Review & Evaluation:

The Attendance & Participation Policy should be reviewed every year by a Review Committee.

Legislation/Equality Proofing:

Legal support to be sought from legal advisor to the Board of Management.


 Attendance Officer put in place
 A standard letter sent home to inform parents of frequent absence and non-participation
 One Roll call at 9:15 am.  Perhaps the use of an electronic system.
 Parents should sign reason for absence in Journal and it must
be recorded in the computer.

Sanctioned by Board & CEIST 10-04-2008

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