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Health & Safety


Health & Safety Policy


 To meet the statutory requirement: S.H.W. Act 1989.
 To provide a framework for planning for a safe and healthy environment.
 To promote a safety culture in which everyone is involved.


 To provide a safe working environment for everyone on the premises.
 To provide and promote a safety culture within school environment.
 To provide consultation methodology as regards Health & Safety.

Board of Management

 The Principal and Board of Management have overall responsibility.
 The Principal and Board of Management will ensure that the legal duties to provide safety training is complied with.
 All employees and staff will be consulted as required by the Act and Regulations.

Principal & Deputy Principal

 The Principal, in consultation with staff, shall facilitate the appointment of competent persons and regular inspections will be carried out and recorded.
 No activity will be carried out unless proper training has been given and that the activity has been authorised in writing.

 All accident, dangerous occurrences will be reported and acted on, as required by law.
 All staff and employees have a legal duty under the S.H.& W. Act to ensure the safety and health of themselves and others, therefore all hazards will be reported immediately and made safe.

Content of Policy

 Training for each member of staff to be provided.
 Identified hazards should be reported to Safety Officer in writing immediately upon which the Safety Officer reports to the management.
 Health and Safety Guidelines should be provided for each working area with the assistance of the teacher of that area.


 Safety audit.  Inspection of hazards.
 Accident report book.
 Person responsible for monitoring implementation of policy.

Report on School Trips


 Instructions in each Class Room (especially: Practical Rooms).

 Accident Report Book - Important to Report date/time of incident into Book.  Fill out Accident Report Sheet if possible.

 Maximum number of pupils per teacher Trips:
• Left to the discretion of the management.
• Should be two teachers for any trip.
• Female teacher with girls football team.

 Management should put these things in place in their own interest - to prevent foreseeable problems.

 Should parents be contacted prior to bringing to the doctor.  Contact parents at earliest opportunity.

 Contact number on Permission Slip.  School should give phones to teachers for trips.

In School:

 Training in how to use Fire Extinguighers and different types.
 Dust Extraction System for WW
 Radiators in the hall during soccer.
 Do Risk Assesment.
 New Kitchen/Ventilator.  New Floor.  Hot Water Facility

Guidelines for Students:

Regarding Rooms:
 Provide a facility for bags to be left safely
 No obstructions in the corridor

Content of Policy

Hazards go to Gerry Gaughan and Report:

 Guidelines for the use of each working area.
 Students not allowed into Computer Room without supervision at any time.

Matters arising

 Maximum number of pupils per teacher Trips:

Sanctioned by the board & CEIST 10-04-2008

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