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Homework Policy



This policy is a whole school policy devised by a steering committee in consultation within the school (Board of Management, Trustees, Staff, Students, Parents and the Community) and approved by the Board of Management and ratified by the Trustees.  This policy is rooted within the CEIST Philosophy and Mission Statement of Our Lady’s Secondary School.


Homework is the practice of learning, reading and revising lessons that have been learned in class.  This policy will ensure that all students are shown how to learn and develop through homework.  The purpose of homework is to revisit the work that has taken place in the classroom and to encourage further research with the ultimate aim of enhancing academic achievement.


Homework is the practice of learning, reading over what has been learned in class and the reinforcement of this information.


This policy aims to use homework to:

 Reinforce the lessons taught in class and to ensure the success in self development, examinations and career prospects.
 Lay the foundations for study skills and personal achievement.
 Foster a sense of responsibility and self discipline in the student.
 Provide a link for parents to the school, as it provides feedback.
 To cater for all students learning abilities.
 To fulfil students potential.


 Homework is recorded in the Journal and signed by the parents/guardians each week.

 Supervised study is provided after school to ensure that all students have access to an appropriate learning environment.

 The Referral system is used if students repeatedly fail to complete their homework.

 Methods of learning have been devised and workshops are given to students on ‘How to Study’ and ‘How to Learn’.

 Guidelines on methods of study and homework duration are given in the Journal.  A Study Plan is also provided.

 Teachers are informed about the methods recommended in the Journal so that students can see how these methods can be used in all subjects.

 Parents are informed about the Study Plan.

 Students are encouraged not to undertake any part-time work during the week in the interest of their studies.

 Students are made aware of the Points System.

 Examination year students are informed that Christmas and Easter are an opportunity for light revision.

 Recommendations are given to parents to encourage students to study and spend quality time at their homework.

 Students should do a timetable of their own homework.

 Encouragement should be given to students and inappropriate amounts of pressure should be avoided.

 Pastoral Care is provided for students who suffer from stress in relation to study.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Board of Management:  To approve the policy
To ensure that the policy is implemented
To receive reports from the Principal

2. Principal/Deputy Principal:  Monitor implementation of the policy
Inform new staff
To ensure a consistent approach from teachers in assignment and review of homework
To promote student awareness of the value of homework to their overall progress
To enhance levels of understanding and retention as well as boosting confidence in the subject.

3. Staff:     To approve the policy
To implement the policy

4. Parents:    To approve the policy
To implement the policy

5. Students:    To approve the policy
To implement the policy and adhere to the guidelines

Success Criteria:

 Test Results.
 School based weekly tests, monthly tests & Mock Examinations
 Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate Examinations
 All results are recorded

Review of Policy:

The steering committee will monitor the effectiveness of the policy throughout the school year.  The policy is reviewed each year by the whole school community.  From this review improvements and alterations will be made once they have been accepted by all partners.

Sanctioned by Board: 12 January 2010

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