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iPads in Education


iPads in Education

Leading the Technological
There is little doubt that technology is the
way forward in education and students in Our
Lady’s Secondary School are leading the way.
iPads were introduced for first years in the
academic year (2013-14). One big advantage of
this initiative is putting an end to heavy school
bags for students.

All the textbooks are installed as ebooks on the
iPad tablets. There are notetaking and highlighting
features on the ebooks and your books can be
accessed easily from another device so they will
always be available even if your iPad isn’t.

The Learning Experience
is greatly improved.
Diagrams that were a
mere picture on a page
have, now become
interactive, where the
student can zoom, rotate
or even see them as
animations which helps
with understanding and

Other apps in use include Dictionaries,
Maps, Globes, Translators, and students have
constant high speed internet access. Use &
reliance on paper based projects, folders, &
note taking is reduced, and there is no need
to buy calculators or exam papers. Cameras
are being used to take pictures for projects
and teacher or student notes or classwork
can be easily shared.

From interactive lessons to study aids to productivity tools, our students are delighted
with their new ‘digital schoolbag’ and are preparing themselves to get ahead of the
field in school life and in the workplace.

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