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Pastoral Care Policy



Our Mission Statement is clearly rooted in the Pastoral Care principles of the CEIST philosophy of education.  It fosters the holistic development of each individual student and teacher within an atmosphere of care, concern and respect.

Rationale for this Policy

• To value and develop each member of the school community
• To promote learning at every level for the student
• To support the student at all times, but especially when ability to learn is adversely effected by personal or domestic circumstances

Goals for this Policy

• To foster a happy and caring school community
• To develop the full potential of each student and to prepare them for adult life
• To encourage a sense of social justice within the school community
• To establish and maintain a good rapport between school, community and home.

Roles & Responsibilities

Board of Management:

• To approve the policy
• To ensure the policy is developed and implemented  
and evaluated.
• To receive reports from the Principal on the implementation of this policy.

Principal/Deputy Principal
and Senior Management: To ensure that this policy is implemented, monitored and evaluated.

Staff: All staff has a role in the pastoral care provision within Our Lady’s Secondary School.  Staff creates the environment for the effective implementation of this policy.

Parents: Offer advice on the policy and assist in and cooperate in the implementation of the policy.


This policy is implemented according to our mission of caring for the total person and developing each student’s sense of self-worth.

Pastoral Care is provided in the following ways:

• All contact with students is carried out in a compassionate and caring atmosphere.  Teachers pay attention to the emotional needs of students.

• Teachers are made aware if there are emotional or personal issues arising with a particular student (in depth details are not given).

• The Principal or Deputy Principal links with home and, when necessary, informs staff of any difficulties a student may be having.

Pastoral Care System:

On entering Our Lady’s Secondary School, the students are introduced to the Pastoral Care system.

Year Head/Tutors:

Each student is assigned to a tutor, who meets the student each day, monitors the student’s attendance and progress, and enquires about the well being of the student on a regular basis.  If any difficulties arise, the Year Head/Tutor may link with management, other staff members and parents.

Home/School/Community Liaison Person (HSCL):

This person is a supportive link between school, home and community.  When necessary, the HSCL may pass on information to management or staff in the interest of the student.

The Religious Education teacher and SPHE teacher:

These teachers play a pastoral role in the life of the students.

Resource and Learning Support teachers:

These teachers have a pastoral role in dealing with these students who have learning difficulties.

The Chaplain:

The chaplain is in a position to offer support and guidance to students and their families as well as to teachers and ancillary staff.


Counselling is available to students with parental consent.

Student Council:

This group meet on a regular basis and offer information and recommendations for the pastoral care of students.


Leaders are assigned to a First Year student as a Mentor and hence they have a pastoral role with First Year students.


• Parents support the Pastoral Care Policy of the school.
• Report concerns about family members who attend the school.  
• Attend meetings and offer information and recommendations for the pastoral care of students.


• Year Heads and the HSCL person meets with the Principal and Deputy Principal on a regular basis.

• The Principal reports to the Board of Management once a year.


This policy is reviewed at the beginning of each school year.

Sanctioned by Board: 12 January 2010

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